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Own a Rapidly Expanding Bubbletea Franchise

Originating from Taiwan with premium ingredients sourced all over the world, PlayMade prides itself for its handcrafted, no preservatives bobas since 2017.

Take that first step.

As a PlayMade franchisee, you step into the realm of entrepreneurship with the backing of a committed global team. From planning and seamless store setup to accessing PlayMade's exclusive brand assets and deals on raw materials, our mission is to empower you in driving sales and maximising profits.

Your success story begins with us.

Ride The Boba Wave with Us

Bubbletea worldwide is now a US $8 billion dollar industry and it's projected to grow to US$27 billion by 2033. Ride the wave with a rapidly expanding franchise - PlayMade. 

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Handmade Bobas

What's unique about PlayMade? 

At PlayMade, we take pride in carefully handcrafting every boba fresh from our stores, without the use of preservatives or additives which makes our customers coming back for more. As demand for healthier choice beverages grow, PlayMade's drinks caters to bubbletea lovers who wants to enjoy guilt-free premium bubbletea, as 99% of our bubbletea is sugar-controlled but still maintaining its exceptional flavours.


Benefits at your fingertips

Unlock your full potential with PlayMade's top-tier benefits. The PlayMade franchise system ensures a premium experience for both you and your guests, offering advantages like access to the highest quality ingredients from a well-established supply chain, streamlined operational procedures, and continuous training and support, among other perks.

What We Provide


Experience entrepreneurship with ease – our low-cost set-up fees make your dream business a reality.


Never worry about quality. Ensure top-notch premium ingredients from our suppliers.


We stand by you from day one. Benefit from our dedicated support system with comprehensive training, daily assistance, and regular store audits to uphold operational excellence.

appealing products

Take advantage of our global R&D with new, innovative flavour launches.


Your win is our win. Enjoy attractive rebates when you invest locally in your in-store marketing campaigns.

simple operations

Our well-crafted processes for store operations and connecting with guests make it not just a business, but a personally rewarding adventure.

the process

5 steps to becoming a Business Owner


Get in touch with a PlayMade consultant

(0-2 weeks)


Initial assessment and contract signing

(2 weeks)


Store location consulting

(2 weeks)


Training by HQ

(2-3 weeks)


Importing equipment, raw materials & plan Grand Opening launch. (1-2 months)

own your store today

Store Concepts by PlayMade

around the world

PlayMade Stores


Can I still apply if I have no experience in the food industry?

Yes of course! As long as you possess the dedication and passion to make things work, our team of consultants will assist you at every step of the way.

How do I get started?

Simply fill up the form above and submit and we will get back to you via email. Alternatively, you can email us at to enquire more.

How long does the process take?

It will usually take about 2 weeks to review your application after your submission.

Will there be any training or support?

There will be a compulsory training programme and 3 weeks of on-the-job training at our HQ.

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